Are you looking for your Italian rubber partner?
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Manufacturers of machinery and moulds, compounders, developers of instruments for lab analysis and quality control, transformers: the Italian companies operating in the rubber sector cover the entire supply chain and are among the most advanced in the world from the point of view of technologies and know-how.

There are thousands of firms, mostly concentrated in a small area between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, in Lombardy, known as the Sebino District or also as the Rubber Valley. Many leading businesses are also found in other areas of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, and Piedmont, in the heart of one of the most industrialized and technologically advanced areas in Europe and the world. The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped their productive and creative capacity. It has only reduced the opportunities to participate in trade shows around the world and to meet customers from other countries.

With this bilingual, special feature, L’Industria della Gomma means to create a showcase, dedicated to Italian leading companies in the sector and intended for foreign operators, with the hope of providing a contribution to fill, at least in part, the current distance between suppliers and customers in the rubber sector. In the following pages, you will find cards and references of 37 companies working in the entire rubber supply chain and guaranteeing extremely competitive and high-quality products and services.

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