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Sartomer, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is a global supplier of specialty acrylate and methacrylate rubber coagents, the Sartomer® and Saret® ranges, designed for peroxide and sulphur cured systems. The company innovates with a new generation of (meth)acrylate based coagents that help maximize the compound’s cure, processing and properties, allowing unique rubber performance.
For several decades, Sartomer has provided high performance (meth)acrylate based coagents to enhance the processability and the properties of rubber compounds.
The high reactivity of Sartomer® coagents brings significant improvements:
– higher cure rate to optimize the productivity,
– increased state of cure to maximize the final rubber performance.
The unique chemistries of Sartomer® coagents allow to achieve superior rubber properties such as
– hardness
– elongation
– tear resistance
– compression set.
Sartomer has also designed unique scorch protected coagents: the Saret® product line, providing high scorch safety while maintaining cure rate and performance.
This year, Sartomer will be present at the DKT in Nürnberg on the booth of its partner Safic Alcan (Hall 12 Booth 227). Sartomer’s latest innovation will be presented to the rubber market : the hybrid coagent SRDFM. This new generation coagent has been especially developed to combine the key benefits of the allyl and methacrylate dual functional structure. It allows cure and processing benefits, as well as an excellent set of mechanical properties to the rubber compounds, when compared to the addition of triallyl cyanurate.
Visitors to the Safic Alcan’s booth will also be able to discover Sartomer’s new rubber coagents brochure. The benefits of the versatile chemical structures of Sartomer® coagents as well as the Saret® range are highlighted. The performance on the cure, processing and mechanical properties of rubber compounds are outlined.
Sartomer will unveil its new generation of (meth)acrylate coagents, as well as its most recent recommendations for advanced rubber performance, at the upcoming IRC-DKT, June 29 to July 2 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany (SAFIC ALCAN booth#12-227, Hall12).